Helminth-related infections present some of the most difficult to treat diseases on our planet and their sustainable control depends on increasingly sensitive diagnostics and biomarkers as well as the development of prophylactic vaccines and novel therapeutic drugs. The BCHC will underpin innovation in this area through new collaborations and partnerships spanning previously untapped disciplines.

Strategically, the BCHC aims to:

  • Expand our global reputation in helminthology
  • Attract new Investigators and Research Fellows to the field
  • Recruit and train the next generation of helminthologists
  • Develop new ways of working across disciplines (within and outside HEIs)
  • Influence the remit of funding body strategic priority areas
  • Diversify engagement with industry, government, charities and commerce

To achieve these aims, the BCHC will support and/or develop:

  • Professional development activities for staff and postgraduate students of Aberystwyth University
  • Fellowship training/sabbatical placements at Aberystwyth University
  • Public engagement events
  • Scientific workshops in helminth-related disciplines
  • MRes provision in parasitology

With full sponsorship by Aberystwyth University, BCHC researchers are collectively embracing the challenge of combating worm diseases across the globe.