The full Schistosoma mansoni lifecycle (NMRI strain) has been maintained at Aberystwyth University since 2008 and we have provided parasite material to the wider Schistosomiasis research community since 2019.

Our team propagate and maintain the NMRI strain of S. mansoni through both albino NMRI and pigmented Biomphalaria glabrata in our bespoke facilities situated on the beautiful Welsh coastline. We are able to distribute snails and the parasite material detailed in the list below to Schisto investigators.

S. mansoni material:

  • Eggs
  • Miracidia
  • Cercariae
  • Schistosomula
  • Ex vivo adult Schistosomes

Snail stock:

  • Uninfected NMRI strain
  • Uninfected pigmented strain
  • Pre-patent NMRI strain snails exposed to S. mansoni
  • Prep-patent pigmented snails exposed to S. mansoni
Photo source: Aberystwyth University snail breeding facility

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