BCHC’s visting Expert-in-Residence, Dr Ron Hokke, appointed Professor at LUMC

The BCHC is celebrating the recent appointment of visiting Expert-in-Residence, Dr. Cornelis C. (Ron) Hokke, as Professor at the Department of Parasitology, Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), the Netherlands. Although based at LUMC since 2000, this award recognises Dr Hokke’s years of dedication to the international research community in the fields of glycobiology (known as ‘glycomics’), immunology and parasitology.

Dr. Hokke’s work explores the way in which parasites elicit immune responses in their hosts by sugar groups (glycans) attached to their proteins and lipids. This research is revealing how some glycans present an interesting target for the development of diagnostic tests and vaccines against parasites, while other glycans may offer the key to unlocking new therapies to destroy cancer cells, fight inflammatory disorders and treat diabetes.

Hosted by the BCHC, Dr Hokke is currently based at Aberystwyth University working with staff to progress a unique package of research which aims to modify helminth genes known to be involved in glycobiology. He explains, “The goal is to see what happens when we modify a number of genes to prevent the worm from producing specific target glycans. We believe these glycans are essential in suppressing the immune system of the host, so it will be very interesting to see what happens with the modified worms.” This work will continue following his return to LUMC in May.

Further information available via: https://www.lumc.nl/over-het-lumc/nieuws/2017/maart/nieuwe-hoogleraar-ron-hokke/?year=2017&month=2

If you would like to meet with Professor Hokke during his time in the UK (mid-February to mid-May 2017), please contact the BCHC via, bchc.uk@gmail.com.

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