BCHC Scientist attends the UKs leading Proteome Research Meeting

Across three hot summer days in Southampton Dr Russ Morphew of the BCHC attended the annual scientific meeting of the British Society for Proteome Research (BSPR).  This year’s meeting was targeted towards integrative proteomics with a special emphasis on protein function, cellular systems and big data.  Throughout the three days, running from 1st-3rd July, there was a key emphasis on health and the role in which proteomics can support disease understanding and improve diagnostics and control.  Dr Morphew said ‘It is important that the BCHC stays at the very top of the research that we do.  As proteomics is one of the key technologies that we perform at the BCHC staying up to date and relevant is a must’. Proteomic analysis of helminths is just one of the functional genomics tools that are available for BCHC members and collaborators to support their research.  If you are interested in proteomics as a research tool please feel free to get in touch with us here at the BCHC. Next year’s BSPR will be held from the 6th-8th July 2020 at St Anne’s College Oxford.