BCHC sponsors Helminth Extracellular Vesicles Workshop

Helminth Extracellular Vesicles Workshop

Bratsera Hotel, Hydra, Greece, 31 Aug – 01 Sep 2019

The BCHC has been delighted to sponsor the recent Helminth Extracellular Vesicles (EV) Workshop held in association with the Parasitic Helminth Conference on the beautiful island of Hydra in Greece. The two day workshop was attended by thirty researchers from around the globe who came together to share the latest developments and understanding of standardised methodologies, technologies and protocols in helminth EV research. Invited Speakers and attendees delivered a series of presentations on their own areas of expertise and then, together, discussed potential new opportunities and challenges for the future. Discussions will be collated to develop a standardised set of guidelines that will be agreed upon for the helminth community studying EV biology, with a Special Issue of helminth EV biology to be developed for publication through the International Journal for Parasitology (IJP).

The organisers would like to extend their thanks to the Hydra Conference Organisers, Bratsera Hotel, Elsevier and the ISEV, ISEV Communications and IJP journals for their very valued support.

[Images courtesy: A Buck and Bratsera Hotel]