BCHC welcomes new MRes students

At the beginning of October, Aberystwyth University welcomed the second cohort of MRes students enrolled in our Parasite control course.

This course focuses specifically on parasites and the diseases that they cause. Over the next year our new cohort of students will gain expert knowledge in the detection, prevention and control of protozoan as well as metazoan animal and human pathogens. They will also become trained in specialisms including biochemistry, molecular biology, whole organism/cell culture and manipulation, bioinformatics, proteomics, transcriptomics, genomics, functional genomics, drug discovery, vaccinology, biomarker discovery, genetics/epigenetics, epidemiology, vector/intermediate host biology and ecology. So that by the end of their time with us they will have a thorough understanding of the tools available to tackle some of the deadliest infectious organisms on the planet.

Welcome to Aberystwyth everybody!