University of Glasgow – Advanced Research Centre Workshop 2023

On 1st and 2nd March, 2023, one of our BCHC members Dr Gabriel Rinaldi attended a workshop at the Advanced Research Centre (ARC), University of Glasgow, entitled “Challenges, opportunities, and new technologies for functional validation of parasitic nematode genes”.

Several topics dealing with the application of cutting-edge technologies on the study of parasitic nematodes, agents of major Neglected Tropical Diseases, were considered. Functional genomics, ‘Omics’, including progress on single cell transcriptomics, gene expression perturbation, genome editing and the use of organoids to study fundamental parasite biology and interaction with the host were discussed. The debates around overcoming difficulties and negative, and sometimes frustrating findings were extremely fruitful.

It was a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and colleagues and also get to know new people and tentative collaborators.

Pictured Gabriel Rinaldi and colleagues at the workshop.

One thought on “University of Glasgow – Advanced Research Centre Workshop 2023

  1. This was a great meeting and glad to meet everyone again. Fingers crossed we can meet again like this or workshops at Aber 🤞

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