BCHC Members Involved in OneZoo CDT Projects

The OneZoo CDT PhD projects for 2023-24 are now open for applications. Several of our BCHC members are involved with the projects.

Dr Russ Morphew is supervising Novel environmental biomarkers for liver fluke control, with co-supervisors including Prof. Peter Brophy and Dr Rhys Jones.

Dr Russ Morphew is also involved with other OneZoo CDT projects including Diagnostics, surveillance and environmental drivers of TB in Borneo wildlife and cattle and Leveraging ’omics for biomarker discovery for canine heartworm.

Prof. Karl Hoffmann is supervising Detecting, diagnosing and disrupting Schistosomiasis, with co-supervisors including Prof. Joanne Hamilton and Dr Rhys Jones.

Dr Rhys Jones is supervising Examining the potential of environmental DNA analysis and enhanced biosecurity for the management of Zoonotic Iceberg Diseases on Sheep Farms.

Dr Iain Chalmers is co-supervising Ancient Zoo: Parasite diversity and zoonotic events in ancient Britain.

Click the links to find out more on FindaPhD or visit the OneZoo website for the full list of projects.

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