Aberystwyth University BCHC members attend virtual conference with RUTS University in Thailand

On 25th May, a virtual networking conference between Aberystwyth University and Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya (RUTS) took place to help establish joint future projects with a focus on veterinary research areas. The conference allowed staff and students from each university to share their veterinary expertise and provide a comprehensive insight […]


BCHC celebrates Viva success!

The BCHC is delighted to announce that at the end of February, Ben Hulme, a PhD student with Prof. Karl Hoffmann successfully defended his thesis entitled ‘Functional genomics characterisation of a α-N-acetylgalactosaminidase (α-NAGAL) in the parasitic blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni’. Ben was examined by Dr Russ Morphew (Aberystwyth University) and Professor Grace […]


BCHC welcomes new PhD Students

The BCHC is delighted to announce that we will be welcoming a number of new PhD students in October. Holly Northcote, a previous MSc student at Aberystwyth University has been awarded an Eleanor and David James PhD scholarship. The title of her project is ‘The molecular host-parasite interaction between the […]


PhD Viva Success

The BCHC would like to report that on Tuesday the 2nd June, PhD student Fiona Tyson successfully defended her thesis entitled ‘Monitoring drug efficacies in equid nematodes’. Fiona was co-supervised by Dr Russ Morphew, Dr Peter Brophy and Dr Eurion Thomas in a collaboration between Aberystwyth University and Techion Ltd. […]


More PhD success for BCHC

The BCHC is thrilled to announce that in early March, Nathan Allen, a PhD student with Dr Russ Morphew successfully defended his thesis entitled ‘Molecular approaches to uncover the fundamental biology of Calicophoron daubneyi’. Nathan was examined by Dr Paul McVeigh from Queens University Belfast and Dr Alison Kingston-Smith from […]