BCHC collaborates with TULIP Graduate School, Perpignan

This month, Professor Karl Hoffmann participated in the ‘Functional Biology and Ecology’ Master’s Degree in Perpignan, France.  There, as part of the TULIP Graduate School, Prof. Hoffmann delivered a lecture to students on neglected tropical diseases and drug discovery. 

He also had the opportunity to meet with staff conducting research on schistosome/host interactions and how schistosomes and their intermediate hosts respond to diverse environmental challenges. 

Finally, Prof. Hoffmann delivered a seminar on his research activities to staff and students within the TULIP Graduate School. 

Overall, this was a fantastic opportunity to interact with some incredibly bright students and scientists involved in cutting edge research on schistosomes and their hosts.

Prof. Karl Hoffmann visiting students and staff in Perpignan

Photo source: Karl Hoffmann

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