Pursing the next phases of exciting work

In April, members from the BCHC visited collaborators within the University of Dundee’s Drug Discovery Unit and the School of Life Sciences to discuss our annual progress on schistosome drug discovery. 

This work, funded by the Wellcome Trust, has contributed to new methods for characterising how schistosomes respond to drugs and led to the identification of several new anti-schistosomal agents that are currently being progressed as part of our continuing collaborations with Dundee scientists. 

Several members of BCHC were in attendance; Dr Kristin Lees, Dr Jo Forde-Thomas gave a talk, Mr Bismark Dankwa presented a talk on ‘A bioinformatics/cheminformatics ChEMBL pipeline’ and Prof Karl Hoffmann presented a talk on ‘Using functional genomics to support schistosome drug discovery’.

After two days of stimulating discussions, we are now planning follow-on investigations to pursue the next phase of this exciting work.

  • Mr Bismark Dankwa presenting 'A bioinformatics/cheminformatics ChEMBL pipeline'

Photo source: BCHC members in attendance

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