Sir Brian May visits Aberystwyth University

Last week, Sir Brian May visited Aberystwyth University. He presented a talk titled ‘The Insights of the Gatcombe Farm Project: Finally a working farm TB eradication strategy?’, he discussed the findings of the Bovine tuberculosis control project that has been ongoing on for several years at Gatcombe Farm in South Devon.

The talk described the control strategies that were used, which included sensitive testing, maintaining scrupulous cattle hygiene, identifying and cutting off routes of re-infection within the herd. Implementing these strategies has transformed Gatcombe from a chronically infected farm to TB Free Status.

The talk was followed by a panel discussion chaired by Professor Glyn Hewinson CBE (Sêr Cymru Centre of Excellence for Bovine TB) and included Sir Brian May, Anne Brummer (CEO of the Save Me Trust), Richard Sibley the Gatcombe Farm vet and Robert Reed who runs the farm at Gatcombe.

BCHC member Ben Hulme was in attendance and got a chance to talk in-person with Brian!

Photo source: Ben Hulme

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