DLS Festival of Research 2023

On Friday 15th September, the Department of Life Sciences (DLS) at Aberystwyth University held the first DLS Festival of Research. The event was a great success, providing an opportunity to share and celebrate the research taking place across the department.

Several BCHC members took part, giving talks and presenting posters throughout the day.

Talks included Dr Gabriel Rinaldi “New Technologies to Understand Helminths”, Dr Rhys Jones “Precision Solutions for Liver Fluke Control in Livestock”, Prof Karl Hoffmann “Schistosome Drug Discovery”, Dr Russ Morphew “Proteomic Capacity in Life Sciences…oh and something about worms” and Dr Justin Pachebat “Parsite and Vector Control”.

Nano-talks and posters included Olugbenga Samuel Babatunde “Is it a Fluke or is it Reproducible: Understanding Isolate Variation in Fasciola hepatica for Diagnostic Potential”, Holly Northcote “Hide and Caecum: Finding Antimicrobials in Equine Tapeworm”, Dr Josephine Forde-Thomas “Screening the Merck Mini Library for Anthelmintic Activity”.

Posters included Dr Kristin Lees “Anthelmintic Drug Discovery: the hunt for new drugs against Schistosoma mansoni” Dr Ben Hulme “Schistosoma mansoni α-N-acetylgalactosaminidase (SmNAGAL) regulates coordinated parasite movement and egg production”, Mary Evans “The Aberystwyth Schistosome Life Cycle” and Bismark Dankwa “Development of an integrated bioinformatics/cheminformatics pipeline to identify novel anti-schistosomal compounds”.

It was great to hear the successes of DLS and we look forward to the event next year.

Photo source: Ben Hulme, Mary Evans and Iain Barber

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