Prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize awarded for parasite research at Aberystwyth

The Queen’s Anniversary Prize has been awarded to Aberystwyth University for its pioneering research into combating diseases caused by parasitic flatworms such as Schistomiasis and Fasciolosis. 

This prestigious prize celebrates excellence and innovation, awarded every two years it recognises outstanding work that benefits the wider world. 

Members of BCHC past and present are at the forefront of this research. BCHC director Prof. Karl Hoffmann said ‘On behalf of all the University’s parasitologists, we are incredibly pleased and tremendously honoured to be awarded a Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education. Specifically, this award recognizes and celebrates a century of underpinning research, innovation and knowledge exchange activities conducted by a dedicated team of students, technicians, support staff and scientists who have devoted their lives to the study of parasitic flatworms such as the blood and liver flukes and the diseases they cause in both animal and human populations’.

For further information please visit Aberystwyth University website and The Queen’s Anniversary Prize website

Image source: Aberystwyth University website

2 thoughts on “Prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize awarded for parasite research at Aberystwyth

    1. Thank you for your inquiry. Please view the Barrett Centre for Helminth Control’s ‘selected publications’ page for published publications underpinning the research that has contributed to this prestigious award. You can also find further information related to the BCHC’s member expertise in our ‘staff and expertise’ page. Finally, please consult the Queen’s Anniversary Prizes (for Higher and Further Education) webpage ( to find a summary of our story.

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