Exciting new international partnership for BCHC members  

Director of BCHC Prof. Karl Hoffmann has helped to establish a new international partnership; this collaboration involves several institutes around the world and aims to develop a vaccine for parasite diseases caused by helminths.  

On the path to discover vaccines against hookworms and schistosomes researchers will explore new ways of identifying molecular targets and help improve current treatments. 

The project is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon Europe programme.  

Prof. Karl Hoffmann said “We are delighted to be sharing our long-standing expertise in this field of the research as part of this important partnership. Parasitic helminths cause some of the most disfiguring, debilitating and chronic infectious diseases of human populations across the globe. They kill thousands of people annually and lead to the suffering of millions more. So, working in partnership across the world like this, to develop vaccines is vitally important.” 

For more information please visit – https://www.aber.ac.uk/en/news/archive/2023/11/title-267739-en.html

Photo source: Aberystwyth University website

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