British Society for Parasitology Spring Meeting 2024

The University of Liverpool hosted this year’s British Society for Parasitology (BSP) Spring Meeting in April. The event brought together the parasitologists from around the world to discuss their latest research.

During the four day meeting, Prof. Jo Hamilton the President of BSP welcomed the delegates and several other BCHC members were involved in presenting talks and posters on the research done here at Aberystwyth University and with our collaborators.

Talks included Dr Gabriel Rinaldi ‘Schistosomes – old questions, new technologies‘ and PhD student Sarah Davey ‘Histone modifying enzyme (HME) inhibitors demonstrate anthelmintic activity against Fasciola hepatica.

Dr Gabriel Rinaldi presenting at BSP
Sarah Davey PhD student presenting at BSP

Posters presented by members of Prof. Karl Hoffmann group included; Dr Kristin Lees ‘Screening a protein kinase library for new chemical starting points against Schistosoma mansoni’, Bismark Dankwa ‘An integrated bioinformatics/cheminformatics drug repurposing pipeline to identify novel anti-schistosomal compounds’ and MRes students – Shashika Abeysekara ‘Characterization of the Schistosoma mansoni Bromodomain containing protein 3 (SmBRD3)’, Ziada Kiwanuka ‘Sphingosine kinase (SPHK), a new drug target for treating Schistosomiasis.

Posters presented by members of Dr Russ Morphew group included; Olugbenga Babatunde ‘Isolating the Isolate: Proteomic Profiling of Triclabendazole-Susceptible and Resistant Fasciola hepatica’, Holly Northcote ‘Hide and Caecum: Searching for antimicrobials in the equine tapeworm Anoplocephala perfoliata’, Mia Ley ‘Novel environmental biomarkers for liver fluke control.’, Corey Steele ‘Ruminating over host-parasite interaction models for fluke driven immune responses

Posters presented by members of Dr Rhys Jones group included; Chris Smith ‘Environmental influences on the distribution and ecology of the fluke intermediate host Galba truncatula: A systematic review.

  • Shashika Abeysekara ‘Characterization of the Schistosoma mansoni Bromodomain containing protein 3 (SmBRD3)’

Congratulations to Christy Wray for winning the student prize for best presentation ‘Can many biomarkers make light work of ovine fasciolosis diagnostics?‘. Christy is a PhD student at Queen’s University Belfast and is co-supervised by Dr Russ Morphew.

Christy Wray presenting at BSP

BSP Spring Meeting 2024 was a great success, well done to all involved. We look forward to the meeting next year!

Photo source: BCHC members in attendance

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